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Arsenal Films
The Arsenal: 2011 Reel

THE ARSENAL FILM & CREATIVE is a full service production group specializing in commercial and theatrical content. The Arsenal takes pride in its ability to take each production from script to screen in the most efficient and effective manner possible with out sacrificing quality or creativity.

The Arsenal is equipped to support the entire Digital Cinema process starting in production with two REDONE MX Cine Camera Packages, one EPIC Cine Camera package, three powerful RED ROCKET Driven, 12 Core Mobile Render Machines and completed in post with yet another 12 Core Final Cut Pro Editing Suite. In addition, our strong relationships with quality production and post-production outfits across the country extend our technical ability and reach.

The Arsenal takes pride in being able to facilitate all of our clients needs with top-of-the-line creative and technical support at every stage of the film making process.